overdose kunst overdosekunst tokyo based experimental leftfield wired ambiental project overdose kunst Ryuta.k takeshi.f usyukuro label

Catalyst-monuments of a rubicund age,
Artist: Overdose Kunst


Title: Was Ist Overdose Kunst

Label: Zhelezobeton Russia

Genre: Experimental / Post Rock / Ambient

01 Partizan
02 Ono sendai
03 Kurz-y-nuy
04 Requia for ethnic cleansing

Russian label ZHELEZOBETON, which is responsible for several great releases so far (check out Catalyst-monuments of a rubicund age, and Degeneral-After the world, both wonderful!) brings forth another release, this time by the japanese duo overdose kunst, who have several online releases behind them already. Playing what they describe as, and I quote - "Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium forth world muziq" , Overdose kunst's (Takeshi F. And Ryuta K.) use of various samples, guitars and vocals , all manipulated, reversed or played at random gives the feeling of the dreamy and inconsistent argument they are preaching.

Does it work? Yes sir! The seemingly chaotic mixture of elements poured in by Overdose kunst is too interesting to be dismissed as random. "Was ist overdose kunst" opens with "Partizan" , is it a folk song? There are tormented vocals over an infinte loop of clean sounding guitar, almost as if this song is being played on a record player. You can later hear another female voice, and then some flutes. Everything appears and vanishes over the five minutes of "Partizan" Until the songs end and we are left with hisses similiar to those heard on the end of such vinyl.

Ono sendai is much more spacey and relaxed. The sounds of water going in and out the vibrating background, Which in turn keeps changing positions with the echoed guitar playing in the foreground. This is no meditation track, please be sure. This is more in the direction of the abstract parts of music that Ghost are into.

Any concrete sense of direction is completely lost on "Kurz-y-nuy" , being the most dreamy and structure-less (in the good way!) in the album. The vocals and the music are either reversed or sound like they are, all over enough low, yet feedbacked background static to be an interesting contrast to the quasi melodies played there "Requia for ethnic cleansing" actually reminds me, if it wasn't for the sudden low growls in the end, of old Sigur Rós songs, of all things. Like the previous track, this one is reversed as well, with backward singing that goes perfectly with the music .

The cover art and the names of the tracks (Those I understood, at least) made me expect some militant industrial act . what I found inside was much better. Very interesting and refreshing album!