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Overdose Kunst - non-form material machine [pmc053] (2006)
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The album starts with the heavy sample mangling atmospherics of i should want to be alan lomax in new domain. We are then surprised by the song-ish guitar based piece medium's message. de-employed delivers us paranoia induced by arcade games. The at times almost pastoral 464 drifts half way between folk and electronics. requia for ethnic cleansing lulls us out with vocals in a language previously unheard, and just the slightest hint that things are actually very very wrong. An often beautiful and sometimes unsettling album.

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Japanese musicians Takeshi.f and Ryuta.k have been collaborating as Overdose Kunst since 2001. They base themselves in Tokyo, Chiba and Hiroshima. They create experimental electronic and electro-accoustic music that they call "Post sampling kinetic nonhierarchical nonlinear nonequilibrium forth world muziq!". They run their own netlabel, Usyukuro.

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