overdose kunst overdosekunst tokyo based experimental leftfield wired ambiental project overdose kunst Ryuta.k takeshi.f usyukuro label

Art which bring to death.
Overdose kunst means Art which bring to death.
Member ,Takeshi.Fushi& Ryuta.K
Roam around many city such as chiba-city
(naer yotukaidou),alaska,tokyo,kashiwa ,
hirosima,morioka during twenty years.
Their music belongs to electronic music.
But they have almost no interest in techno,hiphop,trance,etc.Rather,
Their influenced artist was ,such,heavy bluesy band Tesla,
seattle no-grunge band
the walkabouts(Overdose kunst's song :i should want to
be alan lomax in new domain:
was pulled by this band's chain gang& sand and gravel ) ,
darkworld music band Kol sonzlgn,later ,
harry partch,christian fennesz,
jonhassell,henry gwiwazda,etc.
They siad " we have almost ignored our
musical gift with using digital device.
we know our term may be exaggerated and we know
recently transmodern theory has criticized
about gilles deleuze,jaque lacan.
But we really love denial theology.
If they got no exist,our material such
as Non-Form Material Machine ,
Kyzyl To Samarkand(with sara ayers)
must got no exist.
So our music may closely more related to
System with elements of deconstruction
or Autopoiesis than our musicalidentity."
You can also understand their idea from the following;
Overdose kunst is one of Neue yapon kunst (Organization)
Other grope such as usyukuro kunst,Kol sonzlgn kunst, makryham kunst
,etc also contructs Neue yapon kunst (Organization),NYK.
Neue yapon kunst =New Japan Art Organization
will make attempt to trans-modern not only postmodern ideology
or 脱構築with Neo-duchampian -cagean-auto&schizopoiesis tequniq.: